The Pink Stuff - The Miracle Scrub Set

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2 cans of The Miracle cleaning paste 500g, with electric scrubbing tool and 4 cleaning brush heads.

The power of Miracle Cleaning Paste is now matched with our powerful electric Miracle Scrubber tool. The perfect tool to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks.

4 unique cleaning brush heads.

- Medium head: Ideal for grout, plug holes, shower heads.
- Large head: Ideal for ovens and shoes.
- Fixed cone: Ideal for tight corners and spaces.
- Soft head: Perfect for delicate surfaces and glass.

Established in 1938 Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is a mild abrasive paste cleaner known for its versatility in various applications. As a multipurpose cleaner, you can use the pink stuff on just about anything. Eg. pots, hobs, kitchens, sinks, tabletops, grills, oven doors, ceramic tiles, glass, showers, garden furniture, walls, boats, brass, bathrooms, bathtubs, toilets and toilet cleaners.

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