Elbow Grease - Coffee Cleaner - Removes Coffee & Tea Stains 350g Powder

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In Denmark alone, we drink over 9 million cups of tea & coffee every day, and as every tea or coffee drinker knows, it takes a lot of scrubbing effort to remove the stains. Fortunately, Elbow Grease has created this cup cleaner! Another miracle product from the company with thousands of positive reviews and happy customers worldwide, Elbow Grease Cup Cleaner removes tea and coffee stains like magic from ceramic, porcelain and delicate porcelain cups and mugs. The powerful yet gentle formulation can also be used to remove stains from stainless steel flasks, metal travel mugs and glass cups without the need for scrubbing. You can even use Elbow Grease Cup Cleaner to revive cutlery, crockery and tableware to bring them back to a sparkling, brand new look in no time.

Requiring no scrubbing and working in less than 1 hour, Elbow Grease Cup Cleaner is quick and easy to use. For cups and mugs, simply place them on the draining board and ½ teaspoon of the powder and pour over hot but not boiling water and let cool. For flasks, add 1 tsp. Rinse and clean as usual and marvel at the ingrown spots you never thought you could get rid of are gone! Spotless with no aftertaste, the cup cleaner can also be used to restore wine decanters, teapots and plastic jugs to like new. Extremely effective, Elbow Grease Cup Cleaner Powder comes in a good value resealable 350 gram.

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