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Gift & Gadgets - Lazy Men Cleaning Socks 3 Parts
€5,36 €13,27
Gift & Gadgets - Lazy...
Greenshield Antibac Food Surface Wipes 31/01/23
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Greenshield Micro & Fridge/Freez Wipes 29/08/22
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Greenshield Wipes Wood & Laminate Surface 29/07/22
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Scrub Daddy - The Original Scrub Sponge
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Scrub Daddy - Scrub Mommy
€3,35 €4,69
Scrub Daddy - Scrub Mommy
Scrub Daddy - Steel Scour Daddy Scouring sponge á 2 pcs
Scrub Daddy Caddy - Sponge holder
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Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh
€3,35 €5,36
Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh
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Scrub Daddy | Scrub Mommy Sponge Gray Collection
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Spunj - Ultra tørstig special svamp  12x8x2,5cm pink
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Spunj Sponge With Ultra Absorbency Flower 9.5x9.5x2.5cm - Yellow
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Spunj Sponge With Ultra Absorbency Heart Shape 9.5x9.5cm - Pink
Green Shield - Anti-Bacterial Floor
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Greenshield Glass & Window Wipes 29/07/22
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Greenshield Antibacterial - Household Surf Wipes
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Greenshield Stainless Steel Surface Wipes 29/07/22
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Greenshield Bathroom Surface Wipes 29/07/22
Greenshield - Leather Conditioner 70 cleaning wipes
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Vivid - Anti-dirt Cloths Gray Super Absorbent 3pcs
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Vivid - Anti-dirt Cloths Pink Super Absorbent 3pcs
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Vivid - 2 i 1 antibakteriel skrubbepude 2pk. Bemærk, fås i 2 foreskellige farve pink eller grå, pga. lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig farve
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Scrub Daddy - Dish Daddy Dishwashing Brush Liquid Dispenser
€9,39 €10,73
Scrub Daddy - Dish Daddy...
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Spunj Cloth With Ultra Absorbency 30x40cm - Blue
Bast Natur 50 g ⎮ 4029702090061 ⎮ HC_000834
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Luftpumpe 3 Liter ⎮ 8719987419126 ⎮ HC_001220
€9,11 €13,27
Air pump 3 litres
Nylon Enhjørning, køleeffekt ⎮ 4016598105634 ⎮ MP_001443
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Steam Duster from Scrub Daddy Yellow
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Scrub Daddy - Sponge daddy 4 stk
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WLX - Ståluld til rengøring og andre opgaver 12stk
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100 stk. Magiske komprimeret Servietter/Klude 30x20 cm udvidet
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Nord Clean - Lyserød glas & vinduesklude 30x30cm

Cleaning can be hard, and therefore it is important to remember to take care of your body, because cleaning is unfortunately something you have to struggle with throughout your life. Therefore, it is necessary to have some ergonomically good tools for cleaning, which ensure that you do not put too much strain on your body. With a good floor mop with a bucket, you don't have to lie on your knees and scrub the floor clean, but instead you can easily dance through the cleaning. At Dollarstore, we also sell a selection of different types of microfibre floor cloths , which remove all dirt without you having to use all your strength.

An important tool for cleaning is cloths, and in fact you should use several different cloths when cleaning. By changing the cloth during cleaning, you ensure that you do not move dirt and bacteria from one room to another. It won't be particularly delicious to get the toilet bacteria into the kitchen! It is important to remember that you have to start with the least dirty and unsanitary first, and finish with the place with the most bacteria. It will most often be the toilet that is saved for last. So if you use the same cloth for cleaning, you won't end up spreading bacteria around your home.

We have a large selection of cloths at Dollarstore, and we have a lot of microfiber cloths in particular. Microfiber cloths are smart because they very effectively trap dust and dirt. They can be used both dry to wipe off dust, and moist with detergent to clean the kitchen and bathroom. There are different types of fiber cloths for cleaning. Some are good for delicate surfaces, such as glass cloths , while others are cloths for thorough cleaning , where you have to scrub through. Microfiber cloths can be reused, and after a trip in the washing machine they are as good as new again.

To put the finishing touch on the cleaning, you can choose to wipe down with an antibacterial disposable cloth the places in the home that are most exposed to bacteria. This especially applies to the toilet, kitchen table and door handle. If there is an illness in the home, it can be a good idea to ensure that the infection is not carried on.

Explore our selection of cloths and mops so you'll be ready to go to war with cleaning!

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