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Oppustlig Julemand På Bænk W Led 120 cm     ⎮ 8720573409841 ⎮ KM_000094
€74,98 €160,82
Inflatable Santa On Bench W...
Save 42%
L'Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio Instant Highlights Heating Iron ⎮ 884486388988 ⎮ DE_000248
Julemandssæt 9 Dele ⎮ 8718158754073 ⎮ GT_000270
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Luca Lighting - Inflatable Santa Claus 183cm
Speedlink - Rait Gamepad - Trådløs - PC/PS3/Switch/OLED Sort ⎮ 4027301461732 ⎮ CS_1169309
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 Oppustelig Snemandsfamilie 150cm M. LED, Til Inden- & Udendørs 1 stk  ⎮ 5703535029403 ⎮ HC_002527
LED Cluster Lyskæde Multi 1512 u/i 11m 8funk ⎮ 8719202263312 ⎮ GT_003187
Julestok 5 stk m/40LED H60cm ⎮ 8718861330472 ⎮ ED_000006
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Krist - Giant artificial Christmas tree on foot 210 cm Green
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Toitoys - R/C Wild race Buggy green 1:16 Car
€40,23 €53,52
Toitoys - R/C Wild race...
 Boost Scooter Junior 2 i 1 Scooter-Tricycle (trehjulet)  ⎮ 4899888109198 ⎮ BB_H4520149
Santa Maria - Brætspil ⎮ 7090044370019 ⎮ CS_1114550
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Poker set in aluminum box - 100 chips/ playing cards/ 5 dice/ dealer chip
€33,53 €53,52
Poker set in aluminum box...
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Christ Christmas Scene - Classic Church House w. Silver Glimmer & Light 31cm
Jule Giraf trofæ. H 50cm.  ⎮ 5713582701078 ⎮ DG_000847
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Trolls 2 foldbart løbehjul ⎮ 5017915001461 ⎮ VE_396532
€32,18 €40,11
Trolls 2 foldable scooter
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Christ Christmas scene classic - Church with Snow & Lights 42cm
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Christmas gifts - Christmas balls in box 70 balls mixed 6/5/4 cm
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Christmas gifts - Christmas balls in box 70 balls mixed 6/5/4 cm
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Discosneakers orginal - størrelse 25
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Krist - Porcelain figurine with LED light 24x58cm
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Krist - Large Pine Pendant Decoration 70cm
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Krist - 50 blandede julekugle-sæt blandet Orangeguld PVC, 7cm & snor medfølger
Save 37%
Krist - 50 blandede 3D julekugle-sæt blandet Blå & sølv 7cm PVC, 7cm & snor medfølger
Save 32%
Krist - 50 blandede julekugle-sæt blandet Guld 7cm PVC, 7cm & snor medfølger
Save 37%
Krist - 50 blandede 3D julekugle-sæt blandet Orange, Rød & guld PVC, 7cm & snor medfølger
Save 37%
Krist - 50 blandede 3D julekugle-sæt blandet oliegrøn & guld PVC, 7cm & snor medfølger
Save 32%
Krist - 50 blandede julekugle-sæt blandet sølv PVC, 7cm & snor medfølger
Julemand, H 43cm ⎮ 5713582454882 ⎮ DG_002862
Julelanterne 14x8x22cm ⎮ 7392870687713 ⎮ GT_003059
Snemand Julesweater - Str. XL ⎮ 5715049070499 ⎮ DG_010143
​Julefeber - 4 Disc ⎮ 5705535066969 ⎮ CS_1181486
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Harry Potter Julekalender 2022     ⎮ 840150209652 ⎮ MK_001720
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Trolls 2 mit første trehjulet løbehjul ⎮ 5017915001454 ⎮ VE_396524
€22,67 €33,40
Trolls 2 my first tricycle
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Oppustelig Julemand 80 cm ⎮ 5703535020417 ⎮ HC_000486
€22,67 €30,72
Inflatable Santa Claus 80 cm
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Krist Christmas Tree Set w. Top Star & 16 Balls - Orange Gold
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Harry Potter - Julekalender ⎮ 4895205604230 ⎮ CS_1169706
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Gads store julekalender (RØD) ⎮ 9788762740419 ⎮ BU_9788762740419
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Krist - 65cm Table Decoration To Place In The Middle Of The Dining Table - Fruit Branch Theme
Save 50%
Krist - Whirling Christmas Tree 150cm Metallic-Green Color Folding function
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Krist - Whirling Christmas Tree 150cm Metallic-Red Color Folding function
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Krist - Standing Santa figure 70 cm with pink fabric hat
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Krist - Artificial Silver Garland Christmas Tree 105cm
Eddy Toys - Børne guitar 57cm
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Krist 25pc Christmas ball set - Red
Save 25%
Krist 25pc Christmas bauble set - Orange gold
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Pingvin, H 31cm, B 16cm, D 24cm, 3ass, Rød/Sort ⎮ 5713582702594 ⎮ DG_000838
€20,05 €40,11
Penguin, H 31cm, W 16cm,...
Save 40%
Funny, Sweater, Grøn ⎮ 5715049070468 ⎮ DG_008019
€19,99 €33,53
Funny, Sweater, Green
Save 26%
 Oppustelig Pingvin 120cm M. LED, Til Inden- & Udendørs 1 stk  ⎮ 5703535029380 ⎮ HC_002526
Grå Nissefigur - 41 cm, H 41cm, B 14cm, D 23cm ⎮ 5713582487880 ⎮ DG_000392
Save 30%
Juletræsfod, Sort tripod H10cm, B44cm, D39cm  ⎮ 5713582084812 ⎮ DG_003754
Save 30%
Krist - Gray Santa figure 55cm with built-in light
€18,64 €26,82
Krist - Gray Santa figure...
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Krist - Set of Christmas baubles mixed 30 pcs a 8 cm Olive to gold
€18,11 €26,83
Krist - Set of Christmas...
Save 35%
Krist - Tablecloth stain resistant 140 x 240 Jul
Save 35%
Krist - Artificial Christmas Tree Decoration 120cm Silver
Save 31%
Lille Julemand julelandskab med 7 dele, H 9cm 7/colorboks ⎮ 5706207519493 ⎮ DG_005585
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Christmas Gifts - Artificial Christmas Tree Standing - 90cm With 100 Tips (Snow Theme)
DS - Klassist lyskæde 160lys på kort kæde næsten 2Meter 230V
FISKARS Plantepind 488 137653 ⎮ 6411501376534 ⎮ HC_001126
Save 37%
Star & Moon LED Garland +4m - Multifunction Colors Ramadan
€16,77 €26,69
Star & Moon LED Garland...
Save 50%
Star & Moon LED Garland +4m - Multi-function
€16,77 €33,40
Star & Moon LED Garland...
Save 37%
Krist - Santa Claus 30cm - Classic Costume
€16,77 €26,82
Krist - Santa Claus 30cm...
Save 37%
Krist - Santa Claus 30 cm white & blue
€16,77 €26,83
Krist - Santa Claus 30...
Save 40%
Krist - Christmas Tree Metallic Silver 90cm (artificial)
Save 40%
Krist - Christmas tree Metallic Green 90cm (artificial)
Save 44%
Juletræs lyskæde med 16 lys på clips ⎮ 8711252123110 ⎮ EC_000014
Save 52%
Krist - garland Christmas tree 105 cm metallic-blue color folding function
Save 52%
Krist - Grøn garlende juletræ 105cm
Save 20%
Christmas Gifts - Christmas Tree 90cm With 100 Tips
Juletræ 45cm. m/Fiber LED ⎮ 8719202760286 ⎮ GT_003176
Save 35%
Kinvara Water-resistant Tablecloth 140x180cm - Grey/Green Theme
Save 35%
Kinvara - Borddug  140 x 180cm væsketæt & vaskenemt Grå & brun tema
Save 35%
Kinvara - Borddug  140 x 180cm væsketæt & vaskenemt rød tema
Lysestage med siddende Julius-Nisse, H 12cm, Dia. 5cm 1/boks, Rød ⎮ 5713582244285 ⎮ DG_002633
Save 27%
Kostume til babyer Indianer mand (3 Pcs), str. 12-24 måneder ⎮ 8422259276944 ⎮ BB_S1104388
Save 39%
Krist - Artificial Christmas Tree Decoration 120cm - Green
Rivepapir 25x35cm 90g 100stk 20 ass farver ⎮ 5700130314910 ⎮ VE_031491
Save 45%
Krist - Set of 32 Christmas tree decorations gold in PVC
€14,62 €26,69
Krist - Set of 32...
Save 26%
Make-Up Set in Beautycase
€14,48 €19,44
ToiToys - Make-Up Set In...
Bageform VR Aluminium Rektangulær, 45 x 31 x 3,5 cm ⎮ 8425441144007 ⎮ BB_S2200044
Save 55%
Krist - Clock Decoration Hanging 30cm
Save 60%
Krist - Christmas wreath with pine details 30 cm
Save 50%
Krist - 50cm Shooting star
€13,41 €26,83
Krist - 50cm Shooting star
Save 50%
Krist - Set of Christmas baubles mixed 30 pcs a 6 cm Silver to blue
€13,41 €26,83
Krist - Set of Christmas...
Save 50%
Krist - Set Christmas baubles mix 30 pcs a 6 cm Orange to red
Save 33%
Krist - Artificial Christmas Tree Decoration 90cm - Pink
Save 50%
Krist Christmas tree set with top star & 16 balls - Oil green
Save 50%
Krist - Set of 32 Christmas tree decorations red in PVC
€13,41 €26,82
Krist - Set of 32...
Save 33%
Reindeer decoration 20cm in Porcelain - Silver
Save 33%
United Genopladelig kasket med LED lys. ⎮ 5709884062184 ⎮ DE_000333
Save 32%
Julemand H16,2 cm ⎮ 5715049052747 ⎮ DG_000677
€13,41 €19,72
Santa H16.2 cm
Save 33%
No Fear - Gamer speakers with multi-colored LED lighting
€13,41 €19,99
No Fear - Gamer speakers...
Save 33%
No Fear - Mouse Pad With LED Light 7 Colors - Gamer Mat
€13,41 €20,11
No Fear - Mouse Pad...
Toi Toys - Army Military Helicopter
Save 45%
ArtiCasa Light chain with 10 spider colors
Save 23%
Cucina - Cookie cutters with baking tray Christmas, 22 pcs.
Save 51%
Krist - Candle holder table central for 2 lights decoration
Save 50%
Krist - Candle holder table central for 2 lights decoration.
Krans 45 cm. m/Kogler ⎮ 5706229410549 ⎮ GT_002429
Save 37%
Ball decoration - Grape With Leaves 24x18cm - Red

Spice up your Christmas table with our beautiful Christmas decorations and decorations that create a magical atmosphere. Explore our selection of decorations for the Christmas table and find the perfect touch for your and your party.

Make your Christmas decorations even more fun with our unique Christmas ornaments. We have fun gadgets for Christmas that will spread smiles and joy with you and not least your guests. We have everything from fun and inviting invitations to your annual Christmas lunch to creative Christmas decorations - both for the Christmas table and the tree.

In addition to indoor Christmas decorations, we also have a fantastic selection of outdoor Christmas decorations to create a magical atmosphere outside. Regardless of whether it is decorations for the door, Christmas decorations for the windows or outdoor Christmas decorations, you will find everything at an affordable price at

The best part is that our Christmas decorations are not only festive, but also budget-friendly, so you won't blow the Christmas budget! Explore our deals on cheap Christmas decorations so you can create a magical Christmas without breaking the bank in what is notoriously an expensive month.

Make your Christmas unforgettable with our fantastic selection of Christmas items and decorations. Order now and create a magical Christmas party!

That's why you need cheap Christmas decorations from

Having Christmas decorations not only brings festive joy, but also helps to add a number of other benefits to your Christmas season. Let us highlight some of them for you:

  1. Creates a cozy atmosphere: Christmas decorations have a unique ability to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the home. The colorful lights, decorative elements and soft textiles all contribute to making the home more inviting and comfortable to be in.

  1. Promotes cohesion: Gatherings around the Christmas season, such as a beautiful Christmas tree, help to promote the cohesion of your family and your circle of friends. It is a holiday where you get together, share good stories and, not least, create good memories.

  1. Increases joy and positivity: Christmas decorations have a certain magical quality about them that can help lift the mood. Colorful ornaments, twinkling lights and sparkling decorations can help create an atmosphere of joy and positivity in the home.

  1. Creates traditions: Christmas decorations are often associated with special, annual traditions. Each year, decorating your home can become a cherished tradition for your family, which contributes to you creating a sense of nostalgia and joy together.

  1. Stimulates your senses: From the smell of fresh fir to the traditional element of hanging Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations stimulate several of your senses. It contributes to creating a complete Christmas experience that can be repeated every year.

  1. Helps to promote creativity: Decorating the home gives you the opportunity to express your creative side. From arranging decorations on the Christmas tree to creating unique decorations, Christmas is a time when your creativity is allowed to flourish.

  1. Gives you the opportunity for reflection: Classic Christmas decorations - especially decorations with symbolic meaning - can help to serve as a reminder of good, family values ​​such as love, hope and generosity. It can be a time when you can reflect on the year that has passed and how you look forward to the future.

Overall, Christmas decorations not only add aesthetic appeal to your home, but they also create an experience that reinforces the positive and festive aspect of the season.

You can run these themes during the Christmas season

Not everyone has the same traditions in and around Christmas time, and we all have our expectations for this pleasant time, which is often characterized by families.. With Christmas themes you can really set the scene for a magical and memorable holiday. Here are some suggestions for possible Christmas themes to give your home or event an extra festive touch:

  1. Traditional red and green: Go for the classic Christmas spirit with traditional colors like red and green. Feel free to use lots of Christmas balls, Christmas sweaters , garlands and lights in these colors to create a timeless and traditional atmosphere.

  1. Winter Wonderland: Take inspiration from the beauty of winter with a winter landscape theme. You can use white, silver and blue shades along with snowflakes and ice crystals to create an enchanting winter landscape look.

  1. Nordic coziness: Coziness in particular is at the center of many Scandinavian Christmas traditions. You can use natural materials such as wood and straw, combined with soft textiles and candles to create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home or for your party/gathering.

  1. Gold and glamour: If you want a more luxurious Christmas atmosphere, you might choose a theme with gold and glamour. Use golden decorations, sparkling lights and shiny details to add a touch of elegance and give you and your guests a real VIP experience around the Christmas season.

  1. Rustic Farmhouse: Create a rural and rustic atmosphere with a farmhouse theme. Here, for example, you can use wooden elements, glass jars (also known as mason jars) and simple decorations to create a warm and inviting space for the Christmas gathering.

  1. Christmas Adventure: Take you and your guests on a Christmas adventure themed adventure.

You can use decorations and props reminiscent of popular Christmas stories or perhaps create your own magical world with elves, gnomes and reindeer.

  1. Vintage Christmas Market: Give your Christmas celebration a retro feel with a vintage Christmas market theme. Use antique decorations, nostalgic Christmas cards and handmade elements to create a timeless atmosphere, which many often greatly appreciate during the Christmas season, when traditions are paramount.

  1. Globetrotter Christmas Adventure: Try taking yourself and your guests on a journey around the world with a globetrotter theme. For that, you can use decorations and details that represent different cultures and Christmas traditions from around the world. For example, there is a big difference between the Danish Christmas Eve and the American Christmas Eve.

Whatever theme you choose, the key to success is to create a cohesive and complete atmosphere. Combine colors, textures and decorative elements to bring your chosen theme to life for your and yours' Christmas Eve and/or annual Christmas lunch.

This is how you create a cozy Christmas atmosphere

When you have to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere, it is often about appealing to all the senses and creating a warm atmosphere that can invite togetherness and joy. Here we give you some tips and tricks to help you create the perfect cozy Christmas atmosphere:

  1. Soft lighting: Use soft and warm light, such as candles or warm white Christmas lights, to create a welcoming atmosphere. Light can really change the mood and give the room a cozy glow that gives warmth and sets the mood for the Christmas season.

  1. Fill your home with fragrance : You can use scented items such as cinnamon sticks, orange peel, cloves or a Christmas-scented wax warmer to fill the air with the delicious scents of Christmas that we all know. The scents are strongly associated with memories and can contribute to creating a nostalgic atmosphere in the home.

  1. Soft textiles: You can add soft and cozy textiles such as blankets, cushions and knitted throws. These not only create physical comfort, but also add a sense of coziness and warmth to the room.

  1. Christmas music: You can make a Christmas playlist of your favorite Christmas carols or traditional tunes that play over and over again. Christmas music is a powerful mood enhancer and can help to create a festive Christmas atmosphere and mood.

  1. Decorative elements : You can try to decorate your home with Christmas decorations that have personal meaning for you and your family and/or are linked to your traditions. It can be handmade ornaments, old family Christmas decorations or decorations that have been passed down from generation to generation and reflect your and your personal style.

  1. Hot drinks: Serve hot drinks such as cocoa, mulled wine or spiced tea. These drinks not only help to warm the body, but really also help to create a cozy atmosphere and sense of community and coziness.

  1. Candles: In addition to traditional Christmas lights, candles can also help add an extra dimension to your Christmas atmosphere. Here you can use scented candles or elegant candlesticks to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

  1. Create some niche areas: You can create some cozy corners in your home with soft chairs, rugs and small Christmas decorations. These places can be ideal for relaxing, reading and/or cozy conversations.

  1. Traditions and rituals: Introduce some Christmas traditions and rituals, such as to make Christmas cakes, open a Christmas calendar or make handmade gifts. These activities contribute to a sense of togetherness and joy that we all greatly appreciate at Christmas time.

  1. Natural elements: You can choose to bring nature into your home by using branches, spruce and other natural elements in your Christmas decorations. This not only creates a connection with nature, but also adds a rustic and cozy feel to the home.

By combining these elements, you can create a cozy Christmas atmosphere that invites people to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the season with joy. - your supplier of Christmas decorations is available as your ultimate supplier of Christmas ornaments and festive decorations that not only spread joy, but also fit perfectly into any budget. Here is why you should choose as a supplier for your Christmas decorations:

  1. Affordable prices: Here at, we understand the importance of making your Christmas time festive without straining your wallet. Our Christmas decorations are carefully selected to give you high quality at an affordable price.

  1. Large selection: No matter what Christmas theme you have in mind, at we have an extensive selection of Christmas ornaments and decorations to suit every taste. From traditional red and green shades to modern and trendy designs - we have it all, as you want.

  1. Quality in focus: We particularly strive to deliver high-quality Christmas decorations that not only look good, but are also able to last year after year. Our range of Christmas decorations includes robust materials and thoughtful designs that ensure durability and long-lasting joy for you and your family.

  1. Festive gadgets and gifts: In addition to traditional Christmas decorations, also offers fun Christmas gadgets and festive gifts. You can create fun and memorable moments with our unique selection of Christmas products.

  1. User-friendly shopping experience: Our online platform makes it easy for you to browse, choose and order Christmas decorations from the comfort of your own home or office. We prioritize a user-friendly shopping experience to make your purchase as convenient as possible. Get your new Christmas decorations delivered directly to your home or your nearest, local parcel shop.

  1. Seasonal Offers and Discounts: Keep an eye out for our seasonal offers and discounts that make your Christmas shopping experience even more affordable. We want to ensure that you get the most out of your Christmas shopping.

  1. Fast delivery: We understand that time is of the essence, especially when it comes to preparations for the Christmas season. That's why we strive to deliver your Christmas goods quickly and efficiently, so you can start decorating and enjoy the Christmas season.

Make your Christmas even more festive and memorable with as your reliable supplier of Christmas decorations. Explore our range today and let us help make your Christmas extra special and memorable.

Christmas decorations for the office

Do you feel that you need to create a Christmas atmosphere in your office ? Adding Christmas decorations to the office is a great way to spread Christmas cheer and not least to create a festive atmosphere in your workplace. Here are some ideas and suggestions for decorating the office with Christmas decorations:

  1. Desk decorations:
  • Decorate with small Christmas decorations such as Santa hats, miniature Christmas trees or colorful Christmas balls on your desks.
  • Consider giving employees small personalized Christmas decorations as a fun gesture.

  1. Door decoration:
  • You can hang Christmas wreaths on the office doors to create a festive welcome and atmosphere.
  • Make any DIY door decorations with colorful ribbons, cones or Christmas balls.

  1. Common areas:
  • You can decorate your common areas at work, such as the kitchen or the lounge, with larger Christmas decorations. Here you can choose to use a Christmas tree and/or festive Christmas banners.
  • Create a Christmas corner with comfortable chairs and beautiful Christmas decorations where you can relax and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and time.

  1. Christmas lights:
  • Use LED string lights to add a warm ambiance without creating too much heat. However, remember that the Christmas spirit will not dominate too much and that it is still a workplace. So make sure that the lighting does not disturb the working environment and that it is of course also safe to use indoors.

  1. Office Gadgets:
  • Dress up your office gadgets and supplies in a Christmas theme like little Christmas hats or red bows.
  • This can add a fun and wacky touch to the workplace environment.

  1. Christmas office supplies:
  • Use some fun Christmas office props to add a festive touch to the workplace.
  • This may include, among other things, some Christmas-themed mouse pads, pencil holders or notepads that you find every year at Christmas time.

  1. Christmas calendar for the office:
  • Organize a Christmas calendar for the office with small daily surprises for employees.
  • This helps to create anticipation and joy during the month of December.

  1. Festive meeting rooms:
  • Decorate the meeting rooms with Christmas decorations to make the meetings more festive during the Christmas season.
  • Use some Christmas colors, decorate your whiteboards in a Christmas theme and maybe even some Christmas goodies for your meeting participants.

  1. Christmas party at the office:
  • You can choose to plan a Christmas party in the office with decorations, food and fun activities.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your team to have some form of team building and, not least, to celebrate the successes that you have experienced during the year.

  1. Make it personal:
  • You can encourage your colleagues to bring their own small Christmas decorations and customize their work area.
  • This can help create a personal touch and make the office more inclusive.

By bringing Christmas cheer into the office, you can create a positive and festive working atmosphere that you and your colleagues will appreciate. It's a way to celebrate the Christmas season together and spread smiles in the workplace.

Create a cozy Christmas atmosphere with Christmas decorations from

Christmas decorations have a magical ability to capture the spirit and create an unforgettable atmosphere during the Christmas season. For decades, Christmas decorations have been at the heart of the Christmas celebration and have played a central role in creating an atmosphere of joy, warmth and celebration. That's why we use Christmas decorations to create a festive atmosphere:

  1. Tradition and nostalgia: Much Christmas decoration has deep roots in tradition and culture. From the Christmas tree to colorful ornaments, they all represent a link between the past and the present, creating a sense of nostalgia and family tradition in the small homes.

  1. Visual festivity: Christmas decorations bring a visual festivity into our homes and public spaces. The exuberant color scheme, sparkling lights and creative decorations add a festive touch that lifts the mood and creates a unique visual experience.

  1. Creates community: The process of decorating your home, streets and shops with Christmas decorations creates a sense of community and cooperation. It is an activity where families, friends and neighbors often gather to create a beautiful Christmas environment.

  1. Magical lighting: Christmas lighting, from twinkling Christmas lights to candles in the windows, helps add a magical dimension to your surroundings. The light helps to symbolize hope and warmth and contributes not least to creating a cozy atmosphere, especially in the dark winter evenings.

  1. Individual expression: Christmas decorations give you an opportunity for individual expression and creativity. You can express your personal style through the choice of decorations and create unique Christmas environments that reflect you and your personality.

  1. Symbols of joy: Christmas decorations often contain symbolic elements associated with joy, peace and love. From Christmas baubles and bell strings to stars and angels, these symbols add depth to the decorations and evoke positive feelings.

  1. Promotes anticipation: The build-up of Christmas decorations and decorations in December creates an atmosphere of anticipation. It's like creating a magical universe that grows day by day until it culminates on Christmas Eve, the high point of the Christmas season.

  1. Help create memories: Christmas decorations are not just visual elements; it is also the bearer of memories. Each year, new decorations bring memories of past Christmas times, and unwrapping presents often becomes a sentimental journey through your own history.

In summary, the ability of Christmas decorations to create atmosphere has a universal appeal that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. It is one of the most beloved and timeless aspects of Christmas celebrations and continues to be a central part of the festive spirit.

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