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Kranfilter 2 beluftning + tætningsring
Save 27%
Neophos rinse aid 400ml For 80 washes
Non Scratch Plastik Skurebørste
Scrub Daddy - 3 Original Scrubdaddy In Different Colors
Save 29%
Scrub Daddy - The Original Scrub Sponge
Save 29%
Scrub Daddy - Scrub Mommy
€3,35 €4,69
Scrub Daddy - Scrub Mommy
Scrub Daddy - Soap Daddy Soap Dispenser Dual Action
Scrub Daddy - Steel Scour Daddy Scouring sponge á 2 pcs
Scrub Daddy Caddy - Sponge holder
Save 38%
Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh
€3,35 €5,36
Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh
Save 17%
Scrub Daddy | Scrub Mommy Sponge Gray Collection
Save 12%
ScrubDaddy & Mommy Teamwork Set With 2 pcs 850gr - The Pink Stuff Paste
Swish Skurepude - 20 Stk
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Save 17%
The Miracle Opvaske Spray - Dine tallerkener og overflader vil blive forvandlet med denne renere spray, som vil efterlade en skinnende, ren finish hver gang. Det er så enkelt som at sprøjte, tørre og skylle. Funktioner Skærer gennem fedt Efterlader dine tallerkener og overflader skinnende rene. Størrelse: 500ml
Save 33%
The Pink Stuff - Cleaning Paste 850g
Save 17%
The Pink Stuff - Set of 3 dishwashing spray 500ml Stardrops
€10,05 €12,05
The Pink Stuff - Set...
VIVID STEEL WHOOL PADS 15PACK med opvaskevæske
Save 72%
Scrub Sponge -
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Save 67%
Vivid - 2 i 1 antibakteriel skrubbepude 2pk. Bemærk, fås i 2 foreskellige farve pink eller grå, pga. lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig farve
Save 25%
Vivid - Vinylhandsker - 18-Taske -
€2,01 €2,67
Vivid - Vinyl Gloves -...
Save 17%
Crystale 500ml Dishwasher Rinse Aid -
Save 25%
Vivid - Household Gloves Medium 1 Pair
Save 60%
Vivid - Skrubbe svamp matt farve. Pga. lagerstyring sender vi en tilfældig variant når du bestiller denne vare
Save 30%
Vivid - Vinyl Gloves 12pcs Universal Size
Save 52%
Vivid Multi Purpose Extra Strong Gloves - 30 Pack -
Save 24%
Home Connection - Metallic Scouring Pads With Plastic Handle Pack Of 2
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Save 85%
Maistic - Plastic Free HEMP - Sponge For Cleaning And Personal Care - Wash And Reuse
Save 82%
Maistic - Plastic-free scrubbing sponge with coarse scrubbing surface
Save 33%
Vivid - Magisk Rengørings Svamp -
Vivid - Afløbsrenser -
Vivid Metal Moppe Hoved -
Save 60%
Vivid - Anti-dirt Cloths Gray Super Absorbent 3pcs
Save 60%
Vivid - Anti-dirt Cloths Pink Super Absorbent 3pcs
Save 13%
Scrub Daddy - Dish Daddy Dishwashing Brush Liquid Dispenser
€9,38 €10,72
Scrub Daddy - Dish Daddy...
Save 33%
Elbow Grease - Coffee Cleaner - Removes Coffee & Tea Stains 350g Powder
Save 50%
Elbow Grease - Handle Dish Sponges - Pink 4pcs
Finish Powerball Classic 10s Regular - Lemon Sparkle
Save 17%
Crystale - Rinse aid for dishwasher 500ml - Perfect Shine - Lemon Fresh
Save 60%
Package offer - Vivid Cleaning Tools & The Pink Stuff Paste 850gr - 9 Parts
Save 80%
DS - Steel sponges 3 pcs pot sponges 8 x 3 cm
€0,67 €3,35
DS - Steel sponges 3...
Save 63%
Sanisticks - Drain cleaner sticks freshen and remove dirt in drains 12 pcs
Save 83%
DS - All-purpose cloths 12 colored 31x36
Ringbind Vivida Hvid A4 2Rr 16 Mm ⎮ 4049793028569 ⎮ RZ_002487
Ringbind Vivida Sort A4 2Rr 16 Mm ⎮ 4049793028552 ⎮ RZ_002486
Sorteringsmappe Vivida Pp 12-Delt ⎮ 4049793028521 ⎮ RZ_002679
Avedøre - Farvebrikker til affaldsspand, Sæt med 6 stk.  ⎮ 5707672725365 ⎮ PT_000498
Bast Natur 50 g ⎮ 4029702090061 ⎮ HC_000834
Save 49%
Wooden throwing game with 4 pea bags
Save 31%
Luftpumpe 3 Liter ⎮ 8719987419126 ⎮ HC_001220
€9,11 €13,27
Air pump 3 litres
Nordic Quality Adapter I Messing 1/2 - 3/4     ⎮ 5706470020870 ⎮ AU_352199
Nylon Enhjørning, køleeffekt ⎮ 4016598105634 ⎮ MP_001443
Toiletbørste Løs Sort ⎮ 5703535021582 ⎮ HC_001316
Save 88%
Hand soap 1 liter refill bottle from Abena
€1,34 €10,72
Hand soap 1 liter refill...
Save 20%
Fairy Max Power Original Vaskemiddel 640ml
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Save 64%
En pakke med 10 skuresvampe a 10 X 7cm
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Save 66%
Opvaske handske silikone (tilfældig farve)
Save 76%
Multi Purpose Extra Strong Handves - 30 Pack
Save 67%
Opvaskesæt med 2 skuresvampe & 2 stålsvampe
Save 33%
Finish - Glans Protector 50s vask
Save 37%
Finish Opvaskemaskine duft Original 2x60 vaske
Save 30%
Finish In-wash opvaskemaskine renser skjult fedt og snavs
Save 32%
Dreft Max Power Lemon 4x styrke 370ml opvaskemiddel
Save 32%
Dreft Max Power citrus ingefær 4x styrke 370ml opvaskemiddel
Save 36%
Kinvara afløbsfiltre 2 stk 7cm
Save 53%
Kinvara - Vansparer med 2 funktioner 48cm
Save 39%
Kinvara - Vansparer 14cm
€4,02 €6,57
Kinvara - Vansparer 14cm
Save 36%
Kinvara - Vansparer 2 funktion 5cm
Save 44%
Kinvara - Vansparer 2 funktion med knap
Save 40%
Kinvara - Vansparer 8cm
€3,62 €6,03
Kinvara - Vansparer 8cm
Save 45%
Kinvara - Vansparer 2 funktion med knap
Save 48%
JDS - Opvaskesvampe med håndtag 2stk a 8 cm
Save 25%
skuresvamper 5 stk 15 x 10 cm
Save 30%
Scrub Daddy - Sponge daddy 4 stk
Save 66%
WLX - Ståluld til rengøring og andre opgaver 12stk
Mobi - Skuresvampe, Køkkensvampe 10 stk (10 x 7 cm)

A good washing-up liquid must be able to dissolve even the most stubborn stains of food residue, without you having to use a lot of effort to scrub them away. With an effective washing-up liquid, you also save time washing up, as you don't have to stand and scrub for hours to get the lasagna dish clean. It can be a motivation to get the dishes done right away, before it piles up and the dirt gets stuck. So hurry up and buy a good washing-up liquid so you can get started. Hot water, a good washing-up brush and an effective washing-up liquid go a long way.

Here at Dollarstore you will find everything you need to get ready to go to war against the dishes. We have a selection of different detergents for washing dishes by hand. For example, try this liquid dishwashing liquid . You can find both scented and unscented washing-up liquid. Unfortunately, having to wash dishes is a task that returns day after day. Fortunately, Dollarstore makes sure to offer cheap dishwashing detergents, so it doesn't tear a hole in the budget. It shouldn't pay any better to eat from cardboard plates than to do the dishes.

Should you be lucky enough to own a dishwasher, we can of course also help you find washing-up waste for the machine. Here, for example, you can buy this completely classic dishwashing sink , which gets the job done as a dishwasher every time. Although the dishwasher can handle most things, it may still be necessary to help it a little on its way by picking up the worst food residues with the dishwashing brush. That's why we also have the equipment you need to do the dishes, both washing-up brushes and scouring sponges .

Here you will find everything you need to wash dishes - you just have to take care of the dirty dishes. Then explore our selection and find the washing-up liquid you need!

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