XO & Here We Flo - Collection With Environmentally Friendly Tampons And Condoms 3 Parts

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XO & Here We Flo - Collection of eco-friendly tampons and condoms 3 parts

Grooved and studded plant-based latex condoms from XO!

These grooved and studded condoms from XO! is made of plant-based latex and added lubricant. The condoms are vegan and CO2-neutral, as well as free of parabens, nitrosamines and glycerin. The condoms increase sensation during intercourse, while protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
These condoms have a width of 56 mm. Contents: 12 pcs.

The tampons from the award-winning English brand Here We Flo are 100% organic and hypoallergenic. The tampons have super comfort and have been developed to reduce leakage by means of a special expansion in width that improves absorbency and gives an increased feeling of security.

- The tampons have the right PH value and are completely free of chlorine bleaches
- Without synthetic fibres, pesticide residues, colors and fragrance
- The silky smooth applicator is made of bio-based BPA-free plastic that can be reused
- The outside bag is made of compostable bioplastic
- Certified vegan and cruelty free

The tampons are packed in an "ice bucket with a lid" and contain tampons for both the start and end of the period, namely 14 pcs. in total in two sizes:
8 pcs. Normal absorbency = pink packing
6 pieces. with Super absorbency = blue seal

Here We Flo supports all genders and with its profits supports organizations that work against female circumcision and help the poor with menstrual products.

Contents: 14 pcs

Combination pack with organic tampons without insert sheath

These organic tampons from Here We Flo are a good organic alternative for your intimate care. The tampons come in a combination pack with a total of 16 organic tampons, of which 8 is regular and 8 pcs. great. The organic tampons are 95% plant-based and made from organic cotton. The tampons are wrapped in a compostable and degradable cardboard packaging.


  • Organic tampons
  • Combi pack with 16 tampons
  • 8 pcs. regular
  • 8 pcs. great
  • 95% plant-based
  • Tampons made of organic cotton
  • Compostable and degradable packaging

Contents: 16 pcs.

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