Dr. Magic Oven & Grill Cleaner 390ml

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Dr Magic Oven & Grill Cleaner is a cleaning spray for cleaning ovens and grills. The spray can also be used for cleaning roasting pans, grill grates and equipment, as well as stainless steel surfaces.

You can both use it for quick cleaning, or leave it on overnight for more in-depth cleaning or for more stubborn dirt/hard-on stains. This spray is indispensable as an accessory for the grill and ensures you a clean surface to cook on, just as it is a dear friend in the kitchen, saving you from having to scrub extra hard to get rid of the dirt. Contains 390ml.

 Personal protective equipment when using this product. 
Respiratory protection: Not necessary for normal use. If vapor / aerosol is formed, use particle filter with medium
 efficiency for solid and liquid particles (e.g. EN 143 or 14387)
 Hand protection Use chemical-resistant protective gloves (EN 374)
 Review the condition of the gloves when in use, especially for wear, cuts and punctures after
 prolonged contact.
 Butyl rubber gloves are recommended for prolonged contact (Breakthrough: 4-6 hours)
 Nitrile rubber suggested for short contact or splash protection (breakthrough: 30-60 min)
 Contact a supplier of protective gloves for further information or other tasks.
 Eye protection Tight-fitting goggles (splash goggles) (e.g. EN 166)
 Body protection: Wear chemically resistant clothing and boots if exposure / splashes may occur. Second body
 protection may be appropriate depending on activity and possible exposure, e.g. apron,
 chemical protective suit (meets EN 14605)

Copy link for data sheet: https://www.careshop.co.uk/img/cms/RP1033.pdf

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