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Scrub Daddy - Scrub Mommy looks like a smiley face. You will do the same when you clean with this smart, magical sponge. It cleans thoroughly using water alone, without using knuckle grease and without scratching. It is the temperature of the water that determines whether the sponge should be hard and work more thoroughly, or whether it should be soft and gentler

If you rinse the sponge in warm water, it becomes soft and flexible and can be shaped and penetrated everywhere and provides a gentle cleaning.

If you rinse it in cold water, it becomes hard and scrubs harder, without you having to put in effort and even without scratching. You can use it on most surfaces from non-stick coatings to stainless steel to car paint without scratching or marking.

Sensible form

The cutouts of the sponge as a happy face are not just for fun, it is for practical reasons. The eyes fit just enough for a couple of fingers to stick through, so you can easily hold on to the sponge and get it down to the bottom of vases or other cylindrical containers that can otherwise be difficult to clean.

The mouth can clean both sides of your service at the same time. You just pull the dish through the mouth of the sponge, and voila! Both sides "licked" clean.

Easy cleaning

This original Lenor magic sponge makes cleaning easy, but is also easy to clean itself. The sponge is odor resistant and you can rinse it clean simply by giving it a run under the tap. You can also put it in the dishwasher for more thorough cleaning, or you can disinfect it in the microwave with beads.

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